Written by historian Mark Tebeau, UrbanHumanist explores history, landscape, and place.  Ostensibly, urbanhumanist integrates the perspectives of public history, digital humanities, and interpretive scholarship, but Politics, life, and occasionally family are fair game as well.   Email at mtebeau at gmail dot com or tweet at urbanhumanist.

My research engages the intersection of public history, digital humanities, and urban history.

Prior to taking a position at Arizona State University in 2013, I founded and directed the Center for Public History + Digital Humanities at Cleveland State University. My work imagines the city as a living museum, curated  by scholars in collaboration with community–students, neighborhoods, cultural organizations. I developed place-base digital projects such as the history Cleveland Cultural Gardens and another reimagining urban transit as a space for engaging place, Euclid Corridor Transportation Project. Along with colleagues I crafted the Cleveland Regional Oral History Project, which documented place and memory through human voices. e developed Cleveland Historical to Curate the City.  Using Omeka as its content management system, I led the development of Curatescape, a framework for mobile curation that is being used in more than 25 communities nationwide.

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