Written by historian Mark Tebeau, Urban Humanist explores history, landscape, and place. Of course, politics, life, and occasionally family are fair game as well.  And, broadly, this online journal reflects the random and digressive thinking of a scholar seeking digital bliss. Ostensibly, urbanhumanist integrates the perspectives of public history, digital humanities, and interpretive scholarship, but more likely, it’s disjointed, self-indulgent drivel. Email at mtebeau at gmail dot com or tweet at urbanhumanist.

I am a history professor at Arizona State University.

In my courses, I use the regional urban environment as a research laboratory in my courses. In conjunction with undergraduates, regional teachers, and colleagues, I developed a website devoted to the history Cleveland Cultural Gardens. With my colleagues in the Center for Public History and Digital Humanities, I also developed the Euclid Corridor Transportation Project in collaboration with Cleveland Public Art, ideastream and the Greater Cleveland Regional Transportation Authority. We have interpreted the region’s history in multimedia stories that will appear in interactive, multimedia kiosks located along Euclid Avenue in 2009. Also, we have crafted a parallel oral history project. To date, we have collected over 450 oral histories.

I live in Chagrin Falls (where I am told that the “unknown don’t even go”) with my partner Kristin, two children, Amelia & Eli, and two dogs, London Patches (Londy) and Mojo.